From a few months to a few years. There are several factors that influence the life of a handcrafted soap. It is strongly recommended that you keep your soaps away from direct light and sources of heat or moisture, much like you would with a good olive oil. Keep your soaps in your dresser drawers to give a delicious scent to your linens and clothes while waiting to be used.Our handmade soaps improve with time and depending on storage conditions, they can undergo some variations such as:

  • Natural or other coloring that may become blander
  • Perfumes (essential oils) that become less intense
  • Some stains may sometimes appear, but they are totally harmless.
Over time (a few months), the essential oils will fade, resulting in a soap that smells less. In addition, because all our soaps are "surgras" to further moisturize the skin, this added but not saponified oil can after several months in contact with the air become denatured. This is when you will see orange dots appear on the surface. This is harmless, but less aesthetic, it results in a loss of perfume and sometimes an oil smell that disappears after showering.

The soap must be able to dry and breathe between uses. Putting it on a dripping soap dish and making sure the shower stream is not directly on it is a good way to preserve it.

Absolutely! Even if this old soap may be a little less smelly than a one-year old soap, it will keep all its cleaning properties. Sometimes, because the essential oils have faded away, the soap gives off an oily odor, but this odor will disappear in the shower. Again, it also depends on storage conditions.

I would say from 3 weeks to 1 month depending on the person. Several aspects make its duration vary: water temperature, use under running water, direct use on the skin vs. a wipe or sponge, body hair, frequency of showers, etc.

Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, solid shampoo can easily last for 70 to 80 uses.

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