Effervecent Gift Box - 8 bath bombs

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Effervecent Gift Box - 8 bath bombs

In stock
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We present 8 fully exclusive bath bombs offered in a chic gift box.

The gift box includes the following 8 bath cubes:

Sparkling berries: Red berries, and succulent tangerine unfolds to effervescent notes of champagne, warm cashmere and violet. Surprisingly different.

Flamingo Fun: Playful and whimsical mix of pomegranate, pink pomelo, white grapefruit and gentle white musk.

Wild Heart: Alluring, energetic, and fun. Sweet raspberry meets fresh strawberries along with Egyptian vanilla, amber and light scent of mimosa.

Sunny Day: The fresh aroma of tropical fruits on a hot summer day, sensational berries and jasmine make this a tropical island scent that offers you a dreamy bath time escape.

Bayberry Blues: Sparkling aroma of blackberries that blend with crisp citrus with a heart of orchid, violet and softwood. Enchanting and zesty.

Plum Perfect: Intriguing blend of sweet plums, rhubarb and fresh figs with a heart of white cedar.

Pistachio & Smaretto: Discover inviting pistachio and silky amaretto that intertwine to give you a sophisticated & creamy blend that is sure to delight.

Atlantis: A soft & very fresh blend, slightly fruity with star fruit and slightly floral with peony. A true harmony of the senses that offers you an aroma both fruity and delicately floral.

Made with epsom salt, grapeseed oil and kaolin white clay, it will leave skin soft and moisturized while soothing tired muscles. 

8 X 65g
100% Vegan

How to store your bath bombs at home?

 Moisture is the enemy of bath bombs. That's why storing them in the bathroom is not recommended (ironic, right?). The more they are exposed to humidity, the more they risk losing their fizz action. We suspect they will still be stored in the bathroom so if possible store them in their original packaging. Our bag helps to protect them from moisture and retains the freshness of the fragrance. Be aware that once unpacked, their aromas may start to fade after two to three weeks.

Avoid pretty glass bowls. The effervescence of bath bombs is the result of the reaction between baking soda and citric acid, which on water gives you that fun and beautiful fizz. By absorbing moisture from the surroundings, the bomb emits gas, which pressurizes the container if that gas cannot escape from the airtight jar. This means that the glass jar can then explode under pressure, which could be dangerous. If you insist on having your bombs in a glass jar, leave the lid ajar so the gas can escape.

Exposure to direct sunlight or bright light can discolor and affect the texture of bath bombs. Avoid exposing them near a window. Remember, we don't use preservatives, and grape seed oil has a shelf life. Usually 6 months is the maximum, but we recommend that you use them within one month of purchasing them to get the most effervescence, aroma and all the good stuff that comes with them.

If you are like a little squirrel and have stocked up, store them in a cool, dry place in their original packaging.

Additionally, you need to know that not all bath bombs are meant to float, depending on their purpose or intent. Our bath bombs are created for an unforgettable experience with incomparable softness on your skin. They contain a lot of luxurious and calming ingredients, so many don't float, but nevertheless, you won't be disappointed. Have an awesome bath ;)