The perfect gift: create your customized gift box

Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be more complex than you think. That's why, every year, we offer a fine selection of soap and bath bomb gift sets to simplify your holiday shopping.

Now we've added a new feature to our online boutique: the possibility of creating your own customized box, based on one of our five themes. We've taken pleasure in bringing together products from different collections, so you can customize each box to suit your budget and the desires of the person you're giving it to. Isn't that great? Discover each theme and contemplate all the possibilities.


Visit the Gift Boxes section of our website, where you'll find choices for every occasion: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, a teacher's gift, a wedding anniversary, a graduation or a baby shower.

Then select one of the five bespoke gift sets, where you'll have the option of adding a minimum of three products to your basket. These will be carefully arranged in a gift box. You'll then have the option of having the box delivered directly to the home of the person you wish to give it to, or to your home to be wrapped and delivered in person.


Appreciated for its many benefits, eucalyptus is the scent par excellence that accompanies us on a day at the spa or a self-care moment at home. It's probably one of our favorite scents in the world, and it's not for nothing that it can be found in almost every form in our boutique: bath bombs, candles, bath salts, bath teas, soaps, not forgetting our famous shower pebbles. Buy this gift set and give your loved one the gift of relaxation.


Like eucalyptus, lavender is renowned for being deeply soothing. When you open the box, you immediately feel a wave of calm wash over you. In this box, you'll be able to add a wide selection of products that are conducive to relaxation, including the solid shampoo and conditioner duo, the soy candle or the bath salt.


If we had to describe this box, it would be a combination of purity, cleanliness, softness and fresh air. You'll find a number of Brise des montagnes products in this box, including the candle, soap and bath bomb. Add the Menthe & tea tree shampoo or the bamboo soap dish for a more boxed set that will appeal to men and women alike.


Raspberries, cherries, strawberries and pomegranate combine to form a fruity set, with vibrant colors and mouth-watering aromas. This set will particularly appeal to bubble bath enthusiasts or those who like to treat themselves to a dose of happiness every day (our Douce Cerise lip balm is deeply moisturizing, perfect for repairing the damage created by the colder days of winter.

Boreale - Outdoor Lover

Finally, our boreale - outdoor lover set is for lovers of the outdoors, adventure and nature. It brings together some of our favorite products for men, including our Boréal Soap and our Fir & Orange Bath Spray. After a day spent enjoying the outdoors, a hot bath is a must. This set is a dose of comfort for head and body.

In short, these made-to-measure gift sets are a simple solution for pampering the people in your life, for a gift exchange at the office, or for any other occasion that deserves to be marked with delicate attention.

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