Personalized Bath Bomb Gift Box

Personalized Bath Bomb Gift Box

Product not available for online purchase

A custom box of 6 handmade bath bombs that you get to select according to your preferences. Choose from 22 different varieties of bath bombs to create the perfect set. Each bath bomb will be labeled for easy identification.

Each effervescent bomb is 100% vegan and handmade. 

Hypoallergenic XL size of 175g each

Choose 6 bath bombs from the selection below. Enter your selection in the space provided above. Only the bath bombs in the selection below are available. Cocktail bath bombs or special editions are not available for the custom set.:

  • Mountain fresh
  • Creamy coconut
  • Eucalyptus
  • Raspberry lemonade
  • Black raspberry
  • Bubblegum (pink)
  • Guava & fig
  • Indica (cannabis flower)
  • Misty Lagoon
  • Lavender
  • Melon & berries
  • Moroccan mint
  • Honey milk & oats
  • Namaste (Out of stock)
  • Ocean
  • Patchouli & sandalwood
  • Sparkling peach
  • Monkey fart
  • Pomegranate & petals
  • Sakura
  • Sun-kissed
  • Dreamy mermaid
  • Tangerine & pamplemousse
  • White tea & ginger

** Notice to our distributors: Custom boxes are available for retail customers only, for labeling reasons.We apologize for this.