Rainbow Making Suncatcher Window Decal - Morning Glory

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Bring a little magic to your home with this static decal sticker to apply to your windows to see beautiful rainbows appear thanks to the sun's rays.

Designed to be applied to an interior window. When the sun shines through, your home is filled with rainbows! Place the sticker on your brightest window and see a rainbow aura shine through your home!

  • Prismatic holographic finish
  • Water resistant
  • Reusable + removable: it can be peeled off and reapplied several times if it has been well applied

This product was created in collaboration with Alexandra Legault pixdessine.com

Size: Approximately 5'' x 5''
Not suitable for exterior windows or car windows.


1. Clean the window. Choose a location that has lots of direct sunlight.

2. Spray the window with water

3. Remove the sheet behind the sticker and place it on the moistened window

4. Remove bubbles, by hand or with a plastic debit card!

West-facing windows = evening rainbows
East-facing windows = morning rainbows
South-facing windows = mid-day rainbows
North-facing windows = not recommended

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