Soy Candle – Fresh Cotton

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100% soy vegetable wax, premium blend of essential oils and fragrances, natural cotton wick.

Our candles are made of pure soy (non-GMO) and are biodegradable and non-toxic. They release no toxins into the air when burning. Each candle will burn for some twenty hours. This longevity is due to the slower burning time and lower burning temperature of soy wax.

6 oz

To get the most out of your Saponaria handmade candle, we recommend that the first time you burn it, you make sure to let the candle burn until all the wax on the surface becomes liquid, right up to the outer edges of the container (usually between 1 h 30 and 2 hours) before blowing it out. 

Soy wax has an excellent memory, extinguishing too soon causes a wax tunnel to form, and if you've extinguished the wick before allowing a full melt, all future uses will never exceed the diameter of the first time. 

Keeping your wick trimmed to about 1/4" before lighting prevents any extra soot from sticking to the sides of your container. If your flame dances a lot, becomes very high or forms a "mushroom" on top, it's best to blow out your candle, trim the wick slightly and relight it. It's also dangerous when the flames get super-high (even if it's pretty to look at), especially if you're burning near other objects. It's important to always burn your candle on a safe surface, as the container can get hot. 

Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets. Finally, never leave a candle unattended or burning for more than 4 hours at a time.

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Customer Reviews

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mélanie thibert-leduc

Super produits merci

Julie Morin
De tres bon produit

Je suis tres satisfaite ils sont de tres bonne qualiter

Isabelle Harrison
Excellent produit

J’adore vos produits et votre service à la clientèle est aussi excellent.

Éliane M
Les chandelles sont parfaites!!

Les chandelles sont parfaites!! Dégage une odeur discrète mais bien présente sans réaction allergique! en plus d'être dans une petite boîte facile à allumer du début à la fin!