How to take care of your bath bombs?

Once you've purchased your bath bombs, how do you keep them at home, so they stay effective longer? This is the much-asked question that is answered in this blog post.


Store them away from the bathroom or in their original packaging.

Moisture is the enemy of bath bombs. That is why it is not recommended to store them in the bathroom (ironic, right?). The more humidity they are exposed to, the more likely they are to lose their effervescence. We suspect they will still be stored in the bathroom so, if possible, store them in their original packaging. Our bag protects them from moisture and keeps the fragrance fresh. Be aware that once unwrapped, their aromas may begin to fade after two to three weeks.

Avoid pretty glass bowls.

The effervescence of bath bombs is the result of the reaction between baking soda and citric acid, which in contact with water gives you a beautiful fizzing action. By absorbing the ambient humidity, the bomb emits a gas, which puts the container under pressure if the gas cannot escape from the airtight jar. The glass jar can then explode under the pressure which could be dangerous. If you insist on having your bath bombs in a glass jar, leave the lid ajar so that the gas can escape.

Avoid exposure to light.

Exposure to sunlight or bright light can discolor and affect the texture of bath bombs. Avoid placing them near a window. Keep in mind that we do not use preservatives and that grapeseed oil has a shelf life. In general, 6 months is the maximum, but we recommend that you use them within a month of purchase to get the maximum effervescence, aroma, and benefits.

Keep them in a cool, dry place.

If you are like a little squirrel and you've stocked up, keep them in a cool, dry place in their original packaging.

Good to know…

Not all bath bombs are meant to float, depending on their purpose or intent. Our bath bombs are created for an unforgettable experience with an incomparable softness on your skin. They contain many luxurious and soothing ingredients, so many do not float, but you will not be disappointed.

We wish you the best of baths!

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